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Here you will find a list of the finest Jyotish, Vedic Astrology, sites world-wide. You will find Jyotish freeware, free Jyotish lessons, free Vedic Astrology/Jyotish mailinglists. This links page is a storehouse full of tools to practise Jyotish. Enjoy it! 

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For your convenience here is a SUMMARY OF LINKS. You can click on the names and you will

go to the sites: Robert DockstaderBiswa Kalyan Foundation : Sanjay Rath : James Braha :

ACVAWessex Astrologer : Hinduism Today : Jai Maharaj : Gary Gomes : Indastro :

Boyle : Junior Jyotish : Christina Collins : India Express/B.V.Raman : Ayurveda

Ron Grimes : K.N. RaoMichael Taft : Komilla Sutton : Puja NetAstrolog  : 

BAVA : Planetary Gems : IIPA : Astroweek : Gemstone Talismans : Maureen


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The Art of Maureen, this is the site of Maureen. She makes bowls that contain your personal rashi and your navamsa. The bowls are designed in the colours that correspond to the planets that should be strengthened. In addition corresponding mantras and a semi-precious gemstone are used in the bowls. To go to the site click on one of the pictures.    


  This is the site of James Braha, the man who brought  Vedic Astrology to the West. Here you can find information about his books and services. I highly recommend his books. 

  If you want to know what the week ahead will be like go to this site. No Sunsign predictions but sound explanations of what the planets will be doing during the week. The explanations have a spiritual undertone.     

  This is the site of the British Association of Vedic Astrologers. Information about upcoming events. Also information on the yearly congress they organize with famous speakers. This is the only organization of Vedic Astrologers in Europe.  

   This is the website of Komilla Sutton. Here you will find interesting information on the Nakshatras, Rahu/Ketu and much more. By the way the book she has written is great!

  This green button will take you to a great Jyotish site.  

In Association with Amazon.com Click on the Amazon symbol. This will take you to the greatest online bookstore on earth. They have fine Jyotish books. Most of them with discounts of 20 %. Higly recommended.

Books I especially recommend:

Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Westerns astrologer by James Braha, discount 20%

Light on life by Hart deFouw and Robert Svoboda, discount 20% 

You can order now, by clicking on the titles. 

  This is the site of  a company specialized in the disrtribution of fine Jyotish gems and talismans.

   If you want more information about yagyas and pujas this is the place to be. Here you will find information about inexpensive and very effective pujas. They are helpful in neutralizing difficulties in your chart. 

   Astrology, horoscope and forecast based on moon sign by indian astrologers. Indian horoscope and vedic astrology: based on indian vedic astrology and on the basis of your vedic horoscopes reading; NO computer generated reports. Love, romance, career, child, business and specific matter astrology.

  This is the site of the Cooperated Ayurvedic University. You will find information about ayurveda here.

  The site of the great magazine Vedic Astro, the Magazine of Dr. Charak from India.

  Astral Gemstone Talismans,The Ultimate in Personalized Planetary Jewelry, Numbered & Certified Fine Gems Talismans created by Richard Shaw Brown since 1975

  The site of the Planetary Gemologists Association (PGA). 

  The site of Vedic Astrologer Juli Morrison from Maine, USA.  

  Here is everything you want to know about yagyas. These are helpful in neutralizing difficulties in your chart. Phone number: 450-463-3636 (Canada).

  This is the site of Gary Gomes, a hindu priest. The site offers an overview of how a Hindu priest uses Vedic astrology in his work.

  This site contains great information about Jyotish, eclipses and many other things. This is also the place to be if you are interested in a list of tantra sites.  

  Lots of information about how to use Jyotish.

 This is the site of an astrological magazine from Madras, India. There is information about remedies and other aspects of Vedic Astrology.

  Everything you want to know about Muhurta, you will find on this site. Here you will even find a Panchang (hindu ephemeris) and a downloadable explanation of it!

  Excellent site on Vedic astrology. Read the free chapter out of the book of Sanjay Rath 'the Crux of Vedic Astrology'. This site contains a lot of information on Jaimini astrology and other interesting subjects.

   Looking for Vedic astrologers and teachers in the USA and Canada? The ACVA button will take you to the site of the American Council of Vedic Astrology.

  Click on this button for JYOTISH FREEWARE .You can load the program Junior Jyotish. This is a nice little program, which even has some features that are not found in other software (systems approach analysis). 

  This is a freeware Western Astrology freeware program. It has many features and is constantly being improved. If you come at the Astroscan site you will often see series of three buttons. Click always on the button on the right. Come and get it! 

  This must be your lucky day, because this is another site for FREEWARE. Astrolog is a Western program but has an option for the sidereal zodiac (keep in mind it uses the Fagan-Bradley ayanamsha). You can adapt the program to Vedic house systems (Sripati is the same as Porphyry, it also has the traditional Vedic housesystem, choose wholesigns). This program is extensive. Come and get it!  

And here is how you can make a Vedic chart with Astrolog: First get the Western chart on the screen. Then press on s of the keyboard. You get the sidereal chart with the Fagan-Bradley ayanamsha. Then press on   ALT and V. You get the housewheel. Then press v on the keyboard. The Vedic chart will appear in South Indian format!  

Not happy with Fagan-Bradley? Be sure the sidereal chart is on the screen. Then choose ALT and S on the keyboard. The calculation settings will appear. Then fill in after Zodiac Degree Offset/Ayanamsha the value 0.88 and press on OK. The chart which will then appear will have an ayanamsha which approaches Lahiri very closely! 

  The website of Ron Grimes is a great source of information. Free Jyotish lessons, weekly forecasts, information about systems approach and lots more. 

   Here you find tools which are very useful if you want to practise Systems Approach (the astrological system developed by Prof. Choudhry).

  This is the website the International Institute of Predictive Astrology of which I am a member. Here you will find great information about Vedic Astrology based on Systems Approach. 

  Here you can find tools for analyzing the chart using Systems Approach.    

 These are the oldest Publishers of (Indological) Indian books (EST.1871)namely M/S Khemraj Shrikrishnadass prop: Shri Venkateshwar Steam Press. They now have a website. There you can find the treasure of books from India.

  For the finest astrologybooks click on the green button (Wessex Astrologer, United Kingdom).

  To enjoy Information about Hindu culture in the modern world and of course about Vedic astrology click on the button of Hinduism Today. When you arrive at this site at the bottom of  the page you will see a form where can fill in some words. This will start a search. Just fill in the words Vedic astrology and you will have enough information to keep you busy for a year!

  Interesting articles about Vedic Astrology and the ayanamsha. 

  This site features the Journal of Astrology (Editor: K.N. Rao) articles and original case studies presented by experienced astrologers. Shri K.N. Rao is writing for the website contributing new and original researches. You can download a free book about the basics of Vedic Astrology  written by K.N. Rao 

  The India Express button will take you into India. Here you will find articles from B.V. Raman and his associates. The material you will find is extensive and highly recommended!  

  Click on the Christina Collins button for a fine text on systems and divisions of Vedic Astrology.

  These sound files are there to download in Mac and PC Windows formats. You play them on your computer. They teach you how to pronounce all the various key Jyotish words and phrases in proper Sanskrit. They are professionally recorded and clear.

  The bigger part of the Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, which is the leading standard work about Vedic Astrology is now online. Check it out.

   On this site you can download animations of mantras. You can find the Mrityunjaya, Gayatri, Sarve Bhavantu and Vakratunda Mantra. These are very well done indeed. Also look for some animated remedial measures like feeding a cow or birds!



> ASTROLOGY FOR THE SOUL This site contains a lot of information which is interesting for beginning and advanced astrologers.   

> C.U.R.A. (University Centre for Astrological Research): This site offers interesting articles about all facets of astrology. Articles are published in English, French and Spanish.

> CYBERSKY - Every astrologer should look to the sky from time to time. This shareware planetarium helps you in so many ways to make sense of what is going on. Learn about the zodiac, the ecliptic, retrograde planets, aspects and much more. Recommended! 
Best way to get this program is to go to DOWNLOAD.COM. Fill in the word astronomy. You will find the program Cybersky on the list that appears.

> ASTRODIENST - On this site you can find the coordinates of every town in the world. There is also information on how to convert local time into Greenwich Time (also mentioned as Universal Time). It is even possible to make a (Western) online chart!
Fill out the chart details, including the country and town. Astrodienst locates the coordinates. Click on "continue" when you are finished with that. Click on "Chart drawing". You will get a chart which includes the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the coordinates of your place of birth. You can use this information to make a Vedic Chart. 

> ASTROCOM Here, you can purchase the following books that have the longitude/latitude and DST status of most places in the world.the "International Atlas" - $40 and the "American Atlas" - $40. You can purchase the ACS Atlas software for $195, which contains both the International and American Atlases (prices of course are due to changes, so check the prices at the site).

> ASTRODATABANK - Each week Lois Rodden posts the chart and biography of someone in the news. The web site also has a product tour of the AstroDatabank CD -- 20,000+ birth data in over 800 categories.

> YOUR SKY - Want to know which planets and stars you are looking at? Go to this site. You can make a map of the sky from your own location. This site is a storehouse for astronomical software. Recommended!   

> CALENDAR - This is the site of Nancy Baumgarten where you can gain information about an Orbital Calendar which shows the interconnections of Sun, Earth, Moon and planets to our yearly cycles. 

> ASTROLOGY WORLD Here you will find lots of information on astrology. Interesting articles, useful freeware like astrological fonts, screensavers, computerreadings.

> ASTROSEARCH A search engine about astrology.

> HOROSCOPE X-FILES An astrological research and software site.

> MOONPHASE   Free software. At the site of locutuscodeware.com you will find a nice little program which shows to use the current phase of the Moon. I love this program and have it on my desktop.

> MATRIX SPACE INTERACTIVE - On line astro-index (encyclopedia), online astrology bibliography, real-time search for charts from 20.000 celebrity charts and more. 

> TOPSITES   Information about astrologers all over the world.

> PROJECT GUTENBERG - Free downloading of classical Western Books (Shakespeare etc.) 


> WITCHCRAWLER Search engine for Wicca and the occult.

> AXOLOTLVILLAGE This is a site of and for lovers of Osho

> MOVED BY THE SPIRIT  Excellent site about Holism, the Higher Self and many Healing Tools (Eastern and Western diagnosis, Aromatherapy, Crystal and Gem database, Colour Therapy, Karma and Global Thinking and so on). Also information on Astrology, Numerology, Meditation and Dreams. This sure is an extensive and excellent site! 

> THE PLANETARY GEMOLOGISTS ASSOCIATION information on Planetary Gemology and a listing of over 60 PGs (Planetary Gemologists) from around he world. Especially recommended the PG articles. 

> THE GODDESS OF THE SOUTHERN OCEAN - Art, poetry and thoughts about this Goddess from Java. This is a very beautiful and inspiring site. 

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